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Creating the Perfect Boozy Knickerbocker  Glory

A Gin Soaked Version of the Classic Childhood Favorite Knickerbocker Glory

The warmth of the summer sun is now just a fading memory as we reach for cosy jumpers and warm clothes to stave of the autumnal chill, but in my kitchen there is still a touch of summer fun left with my adult version of the nostalgic classic, Knickerbocker Glory.

Apart from conjuring up memories of endless summer days, childhood and retro diners, the multi layered ice cream sundae known as the Knickerbocker Glory is a quick and indulgent treat.

There is no better treat to connect you with your inner child than a knickerbocker glory, topped with a cherry.  My recipe for Boozy Knickerbocker Glory goes down well at dinner parties and whilst it looks elaborate, it is super easy to prepare.


Vanilla Ice Cream

Rapberry Ripple Ice Cream

Tinned Strawberries [drained]

Fresh Raspberries

Fresh Strawberries



Strawberry Syrup

Fresh Whipped Cream

Hundreds and Thousands [sugar strands]

Maraschino cherry [optional]

Sprig of fresh mint [optional]

Ice Cream Wafer or wafer rolls

Chopped nuts



Take a tall sundae glass and pour some strawberry sauce in and add a splash of gin. Add a spoonful of tinned strawberries and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Now let the layering begin.

A layer of fresh strawberries & raspberries

More tinned fruit

A splash of kirsch

A Layer of raspberry ripple ice cream

Repeat the layers alternating between a dash of gin and a dash of kirsch, and between raspberry ripple and vanilla ice cream

Finish of the sundae with a generous swirl of whipped cream a wafer, a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands,  some chopped nuts and finish your Knickerbocker Glory with either a few fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint or go retro and place a maraschino cherry on top.




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