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Making Pies: a Noble Affair

  Making Pies: a Noble Affair     When it comes to deciding what Britain’s national dish is there’s always…
Home Made Pork Sausages

The British Love of Sausages

There is nothing like a comforting plate of sausage and mash on a cold and wintry day, it considered by…

A Short History of the Muffin

The Muffin – what’s in a name?   When talking about the matter of muffins it is important to remember…

Pastry – A Short History

The History of Pastry – a noble art Working with pastry or bakery cooking. Top view Today pastry is thought…

Black Forest Gateaux – a classic

The Black Forest gateaux is probably Germany’s most famous contribution to the cake world, and if you’ve ever tasted this…



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