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Cherry Brandy Recipe

Cherry brandy is one of those wonderful tipples that can lend itself to being enjoyed by a roaring fire or out of doors on a sophisticated picnic.

I love making my own cherry brandy because not only is it super simple to make, but it means I get scrumptious brandy soaked cherries to use in pies, tarts, with ice cream and of course to dip in dark chocolate.

Cherry Brandy Recipe

The cherries will take six weeks to infuse in the brandy, but it’s well worth the wait, the resulting brandy is heavenly.


1 kg cherries
1 litre brandy (I used the cheapest bottle on the shelf, because there is absolutely no point using a fine cognac in this recipe)
300g  golden caster sugar



Find a jar that has a tight-fitting lid that is large enough to take the cherries and the liquid. Sterilise the jar, I wah my jar in warm soapy water and then pop it in the dishwasher on a hot cycle.

Prick the cherries several times and place into the jar. Leave the stones in. Add the sugar and the brandy.  Give the jar a good shake. Place the jar somewhere where you will see it daily to remind you to shake every day for the next week.   For the remaining five weeks,  shake the bottle weekly, tasting it occasionally to see if the taste is ‘cherry’ enough for your taste buds. Once it is ready, strain back into sterile bottles. You can now drink it or if you can manage to keep your lips off it,  leave it for 12 months to mature.  The strained cherries are ready for eating or using in recipes.



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